L A U R E N 

C A R T E R  - B R I D G E S



Considering herself a 'collector of other people's memories' and a 'time traveller through objects', Lauren is fascinated both with intense research behind her subjects, emotion led storytelling,  and on the surface, the sheer malleable 'stuff' of paint. Working largely with within figurative and portraiture, Lauren states

that her style of painting is ' seeking the balance between too much, and not enough, information...to say what is needed...and not more. Or trying to...'

Largely self taught, lauren frequently crosses the borders of artistic practice, working with alternative process photography and printmaking alongside her painting, aswell as painted miniatures and intensive research based projects.

Recently Lauren was selected by the judges to participate in Sky Portrait Artist of the year 2018, and 2020, which can be viewed on Sky Arts.